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Recognised as Queensland’s largest family-owned manufacturer and distributor of Natural Spring Water, Queensland Bottlers specialises in bottled water. With our production lines, filling and capping a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes including 15L, 10L, 4L, 1.5L, 1L, 600ml, and 350ml; we can handle just about any job.

Our Quality Assurance Policy maintains stringent standards to ensure our bottled purified water is consistent and of the highest quality standards. With independent HACCP audits conducted every 12 months and WQA Audits every 6 months, our Quality Assurance team analyse and test our water daily with our own internal laboratory. Our bottled water is also tested off site at NATA approved laboratories. We operate in an HACCP Certified Food & Safety manufacturing plant and are members of the Australian Bottled Water Industry (ABWI).

Natural Sources

We source naturally purified artesian water from at least 4 different sources in Queensland and northern NSW. Our water is free from additives, chemicals, Chlorine, and Fluoride.


Queensland Bottlers water is transported from our natural water sources in purpose-built clean stainless steel tankers and transferred into stainless steel holding tanks on-site.


The water is micro-filtered and exposed to ultra-violet light to ensure its purity. The water is then run through a series of purifying filters which complete the sanitation process.


The filtered water is then piped into our environmentally controlled filler room, bottled and capped in our 100% recyclable material, and then labelled.


Our water is shipped Australia wide and can be found at one of our distributors near you.

Typical Analysis

Sodium – 16 mg/L
Magnesium – 7.9 mg/L
Calcium – 19 mg/L
Potassium – 2.0 mg/L
Chloride – 24 mg/L
Bicarbonate as CaCO3 – 82 mg/L
pH – 6.5-8.5 mg/L

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